The Farm

The Village Postman© Wikimedia Commons

It is believed that originally, the Bude Post Office delivered all Lower Poulza post here at the end of the Lower Poulza road to be collected by the Lower Poulza residents. During this time the farm affectionately became known as Lower Poulza Post and, although the modern postal system has changed significantly, the name still survives to this day.

Lower Poulza Post is committed to caring for the land in a traditionally Cornish way. In sharing with you, we know you will feel its welcoming warmth and join in our efforts to maintain its ageless rhythm. Lower Poulza Post has been part of the Countryside Stewardship scheme since 2008, the aim of which is to re-establish areas of wildlife on farmland, which includes the indigenous flora and fauna.

The modern-day farm
Piglets© Chris Smith

Bernard, Judy and their daughter Miranda, moved in 1986 from their smallholding in Cambridgeshire to Lower Poulza Post in Cornwall and opened up some of the farmland as a naturist campsite.

30 years later, both Bernard and Judy have passed away, but the smallholding and campsite continues in the same vain. Miranda keeps pigs, chickens, cows, sheep and grows vegetables in the traditional way learnt from her parents. So there is no shortage of traditionally reared meat, seasonal veg and eggs to whet your appetite during your stay.

Lower Poulza Post covers an area of 40 acres and much of it is now managed by local farm-hands. Fortunately, the naturist campsite is being developed into a well appointed campsite with a number of unique features appealing to naturists that prefer the rustic and tranquil surroundings.