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June 2018

Brilliant to see so many joining us here at Lower Poulza enjoying the sun this last few weeks. It’s been lovely to see so many faces, some new, some old and some returning after jet setting and gallivanting for a few years. The site is looking beautiful (although I admit I am bias), thanks to the brilliant team here all of whom have worked really hard after the long wet winter to help us make the most of this glorious sunshine.

We’ve had two rallies so far this year, both successfully run by the Suntrekers and by BN South West. My thanks to those who did all the organising. The BN rally made the front page of the BN website. If you’d like to read the article the link is here –

There’s a second Suntrekers rally planned for the end of August and we’re hoping the turn out will be just as good.

We’ve had two new editions to the farm, with two calves (a boy and a girl) being born. The first I remember in about 20 years, and our sow – Prim – is also expecting. In all this good weather we’ve literally been ‘making hay whilst the sunshine shines’ and smell drifting across the fields is amazing.

If you want to book, even if it’s a last minute decision making the most of the sunshine, please do give us a ring or email, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Looking forward to seeing you soon,